Billiards has a long and rich history stretching from its inception in the 15th century, to the wrapping of the body of Mary, Queen of Scots, in her billiard table cover in 1586, through its many mentions in the works of Shakespeare, including the famous line "let's to billiards" in Antony and Cleopatra (1606–07), and through the many famous enthusiasts of the sport such as: Mozart, Louis XIV of France, Marie Antoinette, Immanuel Kant, Napoleon, Abraham Lincoln, Mark Twain,George Washington, French president Jules Grévy, Charles Dickens, George Armstrong Custer, Theodore Roosevelt,Lewis Carroll, W.C. Fields, Babe Ruth, Bob Hope, and Jackie Gleason.               From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Ocean Hills Billiards Club follows

The Billiard Congress of America Regulations.

The black BCA Rule Book is in the top left drawer of our bureau.

Our own tables were not ready in time for the inaugural OHCC Billiards Championship in 1984, so the event took place in the Oceanside Opera House where it was witnessed by a packed house.

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