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2021 New rules

1.  TABLES.  We are back to cleaning the tables ourselves as we used to do.  So please brush them, cover them, and put away your equipment.


2.  MASKS.  Everyone is again welcome to play. Masks are required by California regulations.


3.  EVENTS.  It's still not a good idea to crowd around a table for classes, so for now we will only be holding monthly tournaments.

The 150 members of the Ocean Hills Billiards Club invite our entire community to enjoy the finest pool hall in all of San Diego County! Our six Olhausen tables, and the remarkable Diamond Professional table, covered in the finest Simonis cloth, are yours to enjoy any time the Clubhouse is open – even if you are not a member.

Are you a beginner? Or someone who would like to improve their game? Come join us and we’ll help you out with formal lessons and informal help sessions. (Already a shark? Come help teach the many eager students.)



What do you like to play? Our favorite games are 8-Ball, Golf, Cut-throat, Straight Pool, 9-Ball … and many more. Come on down for lessons on how to play all these games, and then have fun playing them in tournaments.



The Billiards Club holds a LOT of scheduled events each year, including beginning and advanced lessons, individual help sessions, tournaments and professional clinics. Pick up a copy of our schedule from the bureau in the Billiards Room, immediately to the right as you enter. Or see the “Calendar” section of this web site.



Remember, you are always welcome to enjoy the Billiards Room, even if you are not a member, but if you do enjoy it, we hope you’ll join us (for a measly 7 bucks) and take advantage of all the members’ events.